About Platform

Platform is a creation and distribution layer for the open web. It's built on the idea that you should own your content, as well as the means to create and distribute your content to others. We give you what you need to run your site here, or anywhere.

We're building Platform right out in the open.

We'd love to have your help. Launch your site and gain access to our private community, where we share and discuss new ideas with early adopters like yourself. Every month, you'll be asked to cast a vote for the features you want to use next.

Here's everything you can do today:

Launch With One Click

Launch sites with a single click, right from your browser.

Distribute Content

Others can subscribe to your site and receive updates in real-time.


Find and subscribe to interesting content from across the network.

Express Yourself

Write more freely with our rich, block-based editing experience.

Share Photos

Upload photos right to your site, no processing required.

Invite Collaborators

Let your friends and coworkers help you create for the web.

Export Your Site

Download the code and data for your site and run it anywhere.

Embed Content

Publish content from third-parties, including: YouTube and Vimeo.

Everything we're working on next:

Custom Pages

Write and share pages using the same block-based editor.

Mobile Friendliness

Create from any device, including your smartphone or tablet.

Conversation Engine

Invite others to discuss the things you create, all in real-time.

Content Republishing

Share anything you create through a distributed social network.


Present your content in feeds, slideshow, and other groupings.

Domain Names

Purchase and use a custom domain name for your site.

Custom Themes

Create and install themes for a custom look and feel.


Find and install custom functionality into your site.

Content Types

Share more content, including products you're selling.

Meet the team who's making this happen.

Hi, nice to meet you! We've designed and built the web together for a cumulative total of 25 years. Read more about us and how we work at

Open Distribution Network

Platform adds a native distribution layer to the web by building on indie web technologies like PuSH and Webmentions. Your site handles pushing content to its subscribers, so you can distribute content no matter where your site is running.

Backed by Open Source

Platform sites are built on open source software, including the Pakyow Web Framework. This makes it possible to add any custom functionality to your site, integrating seamlessly with the automated bits that are added by Platform.

Own your creativity. Create it here; take it anywhere. We give you everything you need to be confident that what you create will be online forever (or at least as long as you want).