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Project Info

Pakyow is released free and open-source under the terms of the LGPLv3 license. We offer paid team subscriptions that remove some of the restrictions of the LGPL. Team subscriptions also include access to expert help through a private support channel.

Giving Pakyow away for free and charging for the extra bits on top lets us embrace the open-source ethos in a responsible and sustainable way. Pakyow is our full-time job—we're in this for the long haul.

Frequently asked questions

We've included answers to commonly asked questions below. If you still have questions or concerns about how Pakyow is licensed, reach out and we'll be happy to talk more: hello@pakyow.com.

What are the restrictions of the LGPL?

There are two primary restrictions:

  1. You must open-source any changes you make to Pakyow.
  2. You can't distribute framework code in a closed-source project.

While we try to be open and honest throughout this project, we always recommend that you read the license yourself and consult with your own legal help if needed. We're not your lawyer!

Do I have to open-source my application?

No. Under the open-source license, you only have to release changes you make to the framework code itself. Team subscriptions include a commercial license that lets you keep changes to framework code private as well, so there's less to think about.

Can I use Pakyow for commercial projects?

Yes! Whether you're using the open-source version or on a paid subscription, the projects you build are yours. All we ask is that you respect the terms of the license agreement.

Will aspects of Pakyow ever be closed source?

When planning for the future, we categorize ideas into two buckets:

  • Core Primitives: Framework features used to build end-user behavior. This includes things like routing, presentation, data persistence, automatic view updates, and reflection.

  • End-User Behavior: Complete features used by end-users of an application, built using core primitives. Examples include an authentication system that provides user account signup and signin, or managing user access across other features of an application.

We're committed to always releasing core primitives as free open-source under the LGPL license. Some of our future plans include releasing end-user behavior that's built using core primitives, just like you would build behavior into your own applications. We'll release behavior like this as part of a paid toolkit that may still be open-source.

How is Pakyow funded?

Pakyow is run by the small team at Metabahn, a company that was founded way back in 2007. We started as an agency, eventually moving away from the agency model into an open-source and product model.

Metabahn is solely responsible for funding Pakyow. We've been fully bootstrapped from Day 0, always reliant on revenue from customers to drive day to day operations and investment into new products. Avoiding outside funding was and is a very intentional choice—we feel that our best work happens when we're working for customers instead of outside investors.

In the end, it's people just like you that fund Pakyow. This is our full time job and we're committed to making this project sustainable for the long haul. Thanks for making that possible!