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Configuration: Realtime

Pakyow provides the following environment config options for realtime:

  • realtime.server: If true, the application manages its own WebSocket connections. Default: true

  • realtime.adapter: What adapter to back realtime with. Default: :memory; :redis in production

  • realtime.adapter_options: Options passed to the realtime adapter. Default: {}; redis_url: ENV["REDIS_URL"] || "redis://", redis_prefix: "pw" in production

Pakyow provides the following application config options for realtime:

  • realtime.path: The path that WebSockets should connect to. Default: "pw-socket"

  • realtime.adapter_options: Application specific options passed to the realtime adapter. Default: {}; redis_prefix: "pw/{app name}" in production

Example Usage

Realtime config lives in both ./config/environment.rb and ./config/application.rb:

Pakyow.configure do
  config.realtime.option = value
Pakyow.app do
  configure do
    config.realtime.option = value
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