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Announcing Pakyow v1.0

I'm happy to announce the v1.0 release of Pakyow! Years ago we set out to design a better way to build for the web. The result is a full stack of open-source frameworks that bring a simpler, design-first approach to let you create more with what you already know.

Here's how it works:

  1. Prototype: Create an in-browser prototype without writing any backend code. Use composable, plain-html view templates to define how your app looks and behaves, then sprinkle data bindings on top to describe the semantic intent behind your interface.

  2. Reflect: While you prototype, Pakyow reflects on your views to bootstrap a complete backend to make your interface work—including routes, data models, presenters, and more. The reflection integrates seamlessly with your frontend, giving you a solid foundation to continue building on.

  3. Iterate: With the boilerplate taken care of, focus on building what makes your app unique. Any custom code you add runs right alongside the reflection, giving you flexibility where you need it and a secure, standards-based fallback for everything else.

Designed for the designers.

Pakyow lets designers play an active part in building the things they design. Interfaces are built right in the web browser using HTML and CSS, and then extended to become a complete application.

Live views without breaking a sweat.

Pakyow UIs stay in sync with server-side state right out of the box. There's nothing new to learn and no frontend framework to adopt. The UI is rendered on the server like in a traditional stack, but once presented in a browser it automatically reflects new changes without a page refresh.

Backed by a complete framework.

Pakyow includes everything you need to create a complete web app or website. The core primitives that Pakyow uses internally are available to you as you need them. Pakyow's backend, built on Ruby, is designed to make custom code fun to write and easier to maintain long term.

Responsibly open-source.

Pakyow is released free and open-source under the terms of the LGPLv3 license. We offer paid team subscriptions that remove some of the restrictions of the LGPL. Team subscriptions also include access to help directly from the Pakyow Team through a private support channel.

Giving Pakyow away for free and charging for the extra bits on top lets us embrace the open-source ethos in a responsible and sustainable way. Pakyow is our full-time job—we're in this for the long haul.

We hope to see you around.

Pakyow is ready for use today. If you're interested in learning more or trying it out for your next project, here are some links to get you started:

I'd love to have you join the project and participate in the community. If not, that's cool too. Either way your thoughts are welcome. Reach out to me directly: bryan@pakyow.com or @bryanp.

Take care, and thanks for reading.