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Hello, Web. Pakyow is a design-first web framework for design-focused teams.

Turn your html into a complete web app.

Building for the web is way too hard. Pakyow offers a simple, design-first approach that helps you create more with what you already know.

Create an in-browser prototype without writing any backend code. Use composable, plain-html view templates to define how your app looks and behaves, then sprinkle data bindings on top to describe the semantic intent behind your interface.

While you prototype, Pakyow reflects on your views to boostrap a complete backend—including routes, data models, presenters, and more. The reflection integrates seamlessly with your frontend, giving you a solid foundation to continue building on.

With the boilerplate taken care of, focus on building what makes your app unique. Any code you add runs right alongside the reflection, giving you flexibility where you need it and a secure, standards-based fallback for everything else.

<article binding="message">
  <p binding="content">
    content goes here

<p binding="message" version="empty">
  try creating a message

<form binding="message">
  <input binding="content" type="text">
  <input type="submit">

try creating a message